various must-do activities that you can do as a family in Sydney.


Family vacations usually during school holidays are a nice way for families to strengthen their bond by spending more quality time together, sharing experiences, making memories together and relaxing after a long school session and stressful days in the office. There are various activities and destinations that are suitable to get this quality time and to avoid the last-minute rush it Is usually advisable to plan for it in advance. Sydney Australia is among the best locations to have this fulfilling family retreat with both fun and educational vacation care activities with a few of these activities including;

A visit to the Taronga Zoo.

Zoo, especially for kids, can be both fun and educative experience which they will cherish for the rest of their lives. this zoo is usually rated the best attraction site for kids in Sydney and the zookeepers here will teach kids on the various animal behaviors and habitats that are educative to the kids and parents as well.

Climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge.

This bridge is on Sydney’s most popular icons after the Opera House and offers an organized and safe climb to the top for families with kids over the age of 8. This thrilling activity is rated as one of the most adventurous things to do in Sydney and you sure will make a lot of memories climbing the bridge as well as learn some new climbing skills which may come in handy in the future. Walking across the Harbour Bridge is also a breathtaking experience for families that cannot make the climb and see the spectacular views from the bridge.

Visiting Luna Park.

Luna Park is an amusement park that is located on the northern side of the Harbour Bridge and its huge smiling face which visitors have to walk through into the park is a famous landmark in the city which is hard to miss. This park can be a lot of fun for families that have kids who love merry go rounds, Ferris wheels and other modern attractions at the fairground that are fun for both parents and kids and a lot of new things to learn from the experience.

The Royal Botanic Garden.

This is one of the best locations in Sydney for family walks, picnics, and learning about the history of Australian flora with plenty of space which can be relaxing for the family. The garden has many places where you and your family can get snacks or a meal together and there are a lot of activities for free for both parents and kids during their school holidays.

The SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

This is a large aquarium that contains marine life with Perspex tunnels to walk through where you and your family can enjoy the view of grey nurse sharks and other marine life. There are many other sections within the aquarium which include the South Coast Shipwreck, the shark valley, penguin expedition, etc. Which is both fun and educative experience for the whole family with a lot of lifetime memories which you will make while there.