Guide for ordering food at a steakhouse: Check these tips!


You have to order a steak at a steakhouse – Period. When we talk of steaks, we are usually referring to beef. Most steakhouses have more than just steaks, so there is a lot to choose from. From salads and appetizers to sides and sauces, there is something for everyone. Ordering a full meal can be a bit confusing, especially for restaurants like Ribnreef that have a huge menu. We are sharing a few tips below that may come in handy for your first order.

Know the cuts and steaks

If you don’t mind a lot of fat marbling, rib-eye is the steak to choose. The good news is ribeye is a full meal in itself, but that also means that you cannot try a lot of the other recipes. Instead, go for a lean cut, such as the tenderloin. Many restaurants only serve grass-fed beef, which usually has less of saturated fat and more of nutrients. Besides tenderloin, you can also try bigger cuts, such as the T-bone and porterhouse. Porterhouse steak is best shared, as it contains two steaks in one – the tenderloin and New York Strip.

Count your calories

Most people don’t even realize that the number of calories included in the sides. For instance, instead of mac and cheese, you can do better with mashed potatoes. Salads are often the biggest culprits. If you add a few dressings, cheese and bacon, the number of calories can triple in no time. Just steak is never enough for your nutritional needs, especially if you eat out a lot. Instead of going for buttery veggies, go for simple, sautéed ones. Some of the best salads in that context are Caesar Salad and Greek Village Salad. For those who don’t mind extra calories, something like Monte-Carlo Potatoes with bacon is a good choice.

Other quick suggestions

Experts may tell you that steaks are good on their own, but trying a steak sauce is never a bad idea. When you don’t know what a recipe on the menu is, don’t shy away from asking questions. It is also important to be open to sharing. If you want to order individually at a steakhouse, chances are high that you may not be able to taste more than a couple of things.

Check online now to find more on steakhouses that are rated well and ask the servers when you don’t understand the options.