Give yourself a gift of tandem paragliding in Slovenia


Give yourself a gift of paragliding over our beautiful Gorenjska region. You are in for a treat. See get excited about the experience of flying like an eagle, enjoying stunning views of small medieval towns and some castles, lakes, amazing mountains, and more. Tandem paragliding in Slovenia really is an experience you should not miss while on your holiday in our beautiful small country. Tandem paragliding in Slovenia is getting ever more popular over the years and there is a good reason why. Apart from adrenaline rush, you can enjoy stunning combination of the colours of nature, from green forests, to lovely blue and emerald shades of many rivers and creeks, lakes, grey castles with red roofs,…

Fly like an eagle and make your dream come true

Tandem paragliding in Slovenia and a flight over Lake Bled valley really is the ultimate adventure to add to your visit of Slovenia. It is a breath-taking activity, combining adrenaline and beautiful views. In fact, the views while tandem paragliding in Slovenia are so stunning that you should not forget a camera and make a photo or two. Or, bi prior arrangement, we can make a video of the whole flight for you.

We can really not think of a better way to experience the surroundings of Bled. At tandem paragliding in Slovenia, You will have the front seat of the most beautiful view you have ever experienced.

When is the best time to go paragliding

Tandem paragliding in Slovenia is available from April to October, any day of the week, several times a day. It is very dependent on suitable weather conditions, so you might have to wait for a bit for the weather to clear up. In case of bad weather conditions, we can either reschedule your flight or make a refund. However, the experience is amazing and it is worth waiting an extra day or two.